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Adela Lavine
Intuitive and Medium
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"I was neither a believer nor a nonbeliever when I went to see Adela for an Intuitive reading. I was just a person in a rut : unsure what to do about my relationship, unsure what direction to go in my career... So I gave it a shot.
She told me enough stuff about myself, that I could see she had a gift. The things she told me reminded me why I had chosen my career in the first place, what kind of relationship would be best for me, in addition to insights into my personality. There was such a ring of truth that I’ve been living a new adventure ever since, asking and getting more out of life.~ Dan
"I'm your typical MBA-guy, so when I went to see Adela, I was open, but definitely skeptical.  Within minutes, I was scribbling away, as everything that she said was resonating with me in the deepest way.  It was as if she held up a mirror to me so that I could clearly see what I think that I have always known in the deepest recesses of my mind and heart.  Thank you, Adela.  You definitely put me on a different course in life which is the course that I was meant to be on."  Brad
"Thank you!!!! Adela has a wonderful gift and a bigger heart! I've been to others before but the experience she gave me was amazing. For the first time I felt at peace with my son's transition and what he went through. Her reading touched my very soul and the warmth I felt was incredible! I was so impressed with Adela and her gifts I asked her to do a reading for someone I truly love and respect that had lost faith.  
After her reading with Adela her daughter called me crying and thanking me and Adela for the special gift Adela gave her mother.  And all her mother could say over and over... it's real, I finally believe it's real. I have sent friends to her, and will continue to do so. She is a wonderful person !!!" Karen


"Adela, I have been shouting your name from the rooftops. I have told everyone I know about my amazing reading. When I told people about my experience everyone wants to meet you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have brought me so much peace!" ~Jill

"How many ways can you say AMAZING? First of all, talking with Adela is one of the most relaxing and comforting activities you could pursue. Secondly, she is gifted, not only in her ability to communicate with spirits in the astral realm but also in the way she presents the information to you. It was an absolutely magnificent two hours and I will be eternally grateful that she consented to read for me. Beyond words. THANK YOU ADELA!!!!!" ~Amy
"Adela, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the reading last night! I've had my share of readings and I know you're truly gifted. I know you'll probably be busy, but keep in touch!" ~Ray
Thank you so much Adela. You know I had this big peacefull smile on my face alldayyesterday? There really are no words to explain how great I feel now. Thank you again. ~Seraki


"Thank you so much for reading for me on Saturday. It really was amazing. Thank you a million times".  ~Csilla    

"WOW Adela... That was the coolest experience I think I have ever had... I am in AWE... Because of all your attention to detail I felt I could see and hear her as you did. Thank you sooo much! I will be able to cherish this experience for the rest of my life! There are really no words to describe my gratitude towards you and this amazing gift you have given me! The healing that began this weekend, last night and that has continued on because of you is too big for words!" ~Becky
"My experience with Adela was comforting and discomforting. Discomforting because the contact makes you want more and to be closer. On the other side, it is assuring to know that the one you love and cared for so deeply has found peace.
"Thank you" is hardly enough to show my gratitude for the uplifting and awakening experience. Never would I have thought or known to make such contact. Bless and thank you for taking me into your heart and giving me the chance to reach Tim. I will cherish this always." ~Love Georgia
"Wow is all I can say. I have been absorbing all of it. As I read through the notes, etc. there was so much confirmation. I Hope you aren't too exhausted. : )   Thanks again...It was wonderful seeing you...JEFF ;)"  ~Jeff Hartman