Adela Lavine
Intuitive and Medium
Types of Readings
Intuitive Readings
An Intuitive reading is when, as a Conduit to the Spiritual realm, I focus in on you and your soul.  I do not use cards or any other tools.  I just have my journal and me.  Once an appointment is set, in preparation, I will spend time focusing in on you before your reading. I use the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell remote viewing. I do not need names, dates and able to see other people in your life without them there or information about them During this experience, I am able to connect to your soul/spirit.   . 
During our time together, I will reflect on my journal notes and   explain the deeper , related and significant meaning of the energy I have tapped into.  What this leads to is an ability for me to answer many of the questions you have had, but have never spoken.  The feelings you have had, and never understood.  Most importantly, you will capture new insights and posess real Clarity.  Of course, there will also be time for you to ask questions during the session.  
Medium Readings
A Medium reading is when I speak to those who have passed. I see spirits with my mind's eye and I hear them in a telepathic way.  I can bring in several different spirits in one reading. I can receive smells, tastes as well as see the spirit the way they looked, personality, how you remembered them.  I relay to you what I see and what they look like and through confirmations such as objects, places they’ve lived or very personal experiences only you or they would have known will come through. All types of passings are possible. It does not matter when they have passed. Respecting who they are I use their words, not mine. I am just the telephone to connect you to those on the otherside.