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My Journey
I have the gift of intuition as well as a medium ability.  The intuitive gift is looking into your soul to see how you were when you came into this world, how you ticked before the world got to you.
I believe we are all connected to our energy on the other side as well as on this plane.  We all have varying degrees of energy, and varying abilities to tap into that energy.  I just believe that mine is stronger than most and because I have come to realize this over the years, I also have taken the time to hone my skills.
People often ask if I have always been this way, and yes, I always had an ability to see into people, I just didn’t fully understand it.  When I was a little girl and even up into my twenties, I could see into people, intuitively knowing what was going on in their life, and even seeing their past.  As a young girl I used to tell people what I saw, as I thought everyone did this. I later learned that I needed permission from a person to tell them that I could see into their lives. The person I am seeing into has to want this.
I discovered my medium gift at 22 when I read a man that was newly hired at my work. I saw his father who had passed, but didn’t understand it, as I didn't know the young man or his father. I discovered this gift, practiced it for a while, but all of these aspects of my gift scared me, so I shut them all off for 15 years.
Years later I was on the phone with a friend whose best friend had just died. I never knew his friend, but the pain it brought my friend led me to re-open and see what I saw, which helped him get through his grief.  Since then I have learned to hone both my medium and intuitive gifts.
My mother died when I was 10 days old and my aunt & uncle raised me and became the only real parents I ever knew. My aunt died when I was 18 after battling Leukemia for over a year, and my uncle died 10 years later. I have always understood death, maybe not the pain, but understood the concept,  from the time I was very young.  Perhaps this is why I take such care in my readings. Trying to understand this world can sometimes be a lonely mystery, and trusting what we can’t see physically can be hard for most of us.
What I do is guide people, and the reason people let me, is because initially I can see into their souls and know things only they themselves know. I can clear things up for those who seek assistance and also guide them spiritually and materially, often confirming things they had always sensed. Once I succumbed to this gift, my world opened up and changed. I don’t believe in instant change, as it’s more of an ebb and flow.  However, I do believe I can either turn on what has been off for you, or just lead you to the door. Free will determines what choice you will make.