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Types of Readings
Intuitive Readings
I look into your soul to see how you were when you came into this world and how you ticked before the world got to you. I don’t believe in pre-ordained destiny. I believe every decision we make in life changes our future. There are possible paths and I look at the path you’re currently on and where your path is leading. I like to jump into your spirit and see how you see the world. For me, reading someone means seeing who they are without their mask on. Our spirits are as unique as our thumbprints. We just forget ourselves.   . 
I can clear things up for those who seek assistance. I guide them spiritually and materially. Often confirming what they had always sensed. Once I succumbed to this gift, my world widely opened up and changed. I don’t believe in instant change as it’s more of an ebb and flow. However, I do believe I can either turn on what has been off for you, or just lead you to the door. Free will, determines what choice you will make.  
Medium Readings
I hone into who you want to speak with. I don’t need a name nor any information. Just tell me who you want to speak with by relationship only. Example: grandmother, on my mother’s side or an old co-worker etc. I connect to that person and will then proceed to give confirmations ie; how they passed or detailed information that is private between the two of you. They will tell me what they want to share. Spirits always want to speak. I see them here in this dimension with us just parallel to our own. You are not bothering them or by no means holding them back. They can speak to you and hear your thoughts as well as your energy. The same way you can type an email, text, and be on your couch. You’re existing in more than one place just as are they, but for them this is much more extravagant. You don’t need me for them to hear and/or feel you. My job is to amplify their energy and message they are always sending to you, but you may have a hard time receiving. Spirits never die, nor does love, nor does your connection. My readings are not just about the experience itself, but to plug you into them so that you can continue your relationship moving forward. You yourself can feel their presence and receive signs from them long after the reading is over.